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This is what you have been looking for. An Oasis of art in a desert of ‘Content’. A place away from the noise and the news cycle where we can talk about art, philosophy, leisure and living the good life.

A sanctuary from the hustle culture.

If that isn’t a powerful enough motivator, then read on and learn exactly what I have to offer…

Why Subscribe To The Basic Level

The internet of the present moment is a strange place. Centralised, algorithm-driven, polarised, divisive, un-nuanced. It’s a mess of listicles and unboxings and reaction videos and the same tired memes and slang hammered home again and again and again.

It’s enough to drive a person mad.

And if you look at the studies that is exactly what it seems to be doing. Stress, anxiety, professional burnout, frayed relationships, dopamine addictions, and atrophied attention spans seem to be more prevalent than ever. The Web 2.0 world of likes and retweets and vitriol and trolls and hustle and ‘content’ has collectively done a number on us. Everyday I see airbud and screen-tapping phone zombies, their faces blank, their minds elsewhere, constantly scrolling for something that they can never quite find.

And honestly, this is not a knock on young people. I hear daily from people of all ages who have been sucked in just as deeply. If anything my audience demographics have an ever so slight Zoomer bias, as these young people see the present world of ‘content’ for the bland sham that it is.

They want more. Better.

And that is what I am here to offer.

They say you should be the change you want to see, and that is exactly what I have been doing here week after week. I am just as tired of intelligence insulting content as you are, so I have committed myself to publishing a quality, in-depth, long form essay each Sunday. The response so far (just look at the comment section on any of my essays) speaks for itself. 

These pieces I put out aren’t just knee-jerk reactions to the news cycle or anodyne bulletpoints of self-improvement pablum. This is not writing about writing for other aspiring writers. This is the real thing. Essays on life itself- philosophy, culture, literature, nature- drawn from experience and observation not mere bestseller self-help quotation.

If that intrigues you, and if you want to join the 2000 strong Commonplace Newsletter audiences you can sign up for free. Sign up and you will get these weekly essays sent directly to your inbox each Sunday. The perfect accompaniment to the day of rest.

And this is only the basic level...

The Offer- Why Subscribe To The Premium Community

A cozy pub awaits.

I often receive emails and messages asking for advice on how to improve writing. I see the same mistakes again and again and again. The most common one is this- the writer focuses on their own ego and its gratification and in doing so they neglect the audience. 

I won’t make that mistake here. Because the community I am building via this Substack is not merely about me, it is about you and what I can do for you.

This is what The Offer is all about. You.

If you are tired of the aspects of contemporary web culture that I listed above- the bland, centralised, corporate, algorithm-driven, polarised, divisive, un-nuanced, unintelligent lowest-ommon-denominator world of ‘Content’- then I have the solution for you. 

If you want to transcend this then my exclusive Discord community is the place for you. The fact that there is a small cover charge, so to speak, means that there is no need for gamification, metrics, likes, virality, polarisation or any of that nonsense. Rather than bland and impersonal advertisements disguised as ‘content’, rather than screaming into the void, the Commonplace Community Discord exists at human scale. It is like a cozy local pub where you can chat about life and work and art and the weather in private and in peace and at your leisure.

Their is no need to perform for an audience of faceless strangers on the off-chance of going viral. You can relax. You can be yourself.

Regulars at ‘The Pub’ include poets, designers, surfers, boxers, poker players, guys who work on spreadsheets, gals who edit magazines, investors, NEETS, successful authors, and everyone in between. People from all walks of life and all ages spread across several continents and all getting along and being civil and sharing a few laughs. The way the internet should be.

And when people sign up to this premium experience a strange thing happens. When people start dropping in to the pub they stop (mis)using the rest of the internet so much. In fact they:

  • Start reading more real books (we have a monthly club, we have many prolific readers and writers on board)

  • Start going on more walks in nature

  • Notice their creativity significantly improves 

  • Become less stressed

  • Spend less time passively looking at screens

  • Enjoy life more

Here’s a brief sampling of what I mean...

Here’s one introduction

And another

And another, that really nails the way things are moving…

Strolling > Scrolling

Reading real books > reading content

Now I could spend all day posting screenshots from ‘The Pub’. There are scores of smart and insightful regulars saying wise things about all manner of topics.

I could do that. But the truth is that what makes the place so special, and something that I am so proud of is the general vibe of it. The intangible aspect. You will see what I mean when you join us over there.

‘But Wait, There’s More…’

The above is the core of the offer and to my mind it clearly and easily justifies the small price, the equivalent of buying me a single beer at the bar each month.

But for the sake of completion I should tell you that besides access to this extraordinary community you will also gain access to:

  • Exclusive audio posts

  • Exclusive reviews and other one off pieces

  • Free digital versions of every book I release

  • First opportunity to buy limited edition hardback runs not available anywhere else

  • The smug satisfaction of knowing you are a patron of the arts supporting a real writer

  • The ability to pester me with questions about writing (or anything else) in the #neverending-q-and-a Discord channel

  • Book, movie and music recs better than any algorithm could dream up

All for the monthly cost of a beer.

Now, I’m a big believer in the 1000 True Fans theory. In fact, my whole writing career will be an exercise in proving its viability and legitimacy. Now, if you want to see how that works from the ground up, if you want to be a part of that from the beginning as well as gaining access to everything mention above then simply follow the link below.

If you’ve made it this far you ‘get it’.

The rest is up to you.

See you at the bar,