So much that I love in here it’s hard to catalog. Thanks for this one. Many reminders.

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May 14, 2022Liked by Thomas J Bevan

Hey Tom, really glad to see these back. I remember reading my first weekly Newsletter On Walking and haven't missed a publication since. Not coming from a religious family, your book is my own kind of bible, as funny as that sounds. It helps remind me of what really constitutes the good life and even how to live a good life and what's important (though I know you're reticent to dish out life advice!). Really enjoying your podcast with Craig. I now definitely need a vinyl player. And the Omnibus on a Sunday morning beats the hell out of any weekend newspaper. Keep up the good work mate. Cheers, Tom

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May 10, 2022Liked by Thomas J Bevan

There is always something to be said for the ritual of at least a weekly essay. Small observations can always serve to anchor larger ideas and trends, after all. I hope and practice small family rituals in our immediate nuclear family to try and offset the emptiness of these token holidays that only mark time, not the heart.

Craig's observation about the pandemic reminds me of the lament of how people came to the US to escape the limits of the monarchy, and yet, then went on to name all the streets after England and recreate the "jail" they left.

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There was hope—I think—when all the lockdowns started. Remember the glorious summer weather that never seemed to end, the less cars on the roads, the quiet town centres, and people just sitting around in parks enjoying themselves?

People seemed to have realised that life wasn't just about work. People were doing other things. Most people weren't working 8-hours a day.

It seems to have all disappeared again now. Most people I know are being forced to go back into the office more and more days a week again, just to sit in queues of cars on roads and show their face in greyer room.


Nice to have these essays back.

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Didn’t realise this, but now I understand how I missed these weekly essays. Happy they are back, great stuff!

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May 7, 2022Liked by Thomas J Bevan

You're not the only one. The fact I never even remember when bank holidays are, short of the named versions that you listed above, tells me that I in fact are not merely forgetful, it's that they hold no resonance. There's no reason to remember them other than the existence of custom, but that custom I have no stake in. They have always seemed to be tactical points for which people can maximise their office escapism, and little else. I'm glad someone else has been thinking this!

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